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Rajkumar being a visionary, has always been with an urge to address the growing skill shortage in this highly labour intensive industry. This necessitated him to commission the first generation fully automated cashew processing unit in Tuticorin, Port City of India with the capacity to process 200 Metric Tons of raw cashew nuts every day. This facility has given the company a great edge over others in producing best quality cashew in the most enviable ambiance while addressing the increasing market demand.In Asia, the company’s Tuticorin plant is the single largest fully mechanized cashew processing facility.

The company has commissioned a facility in Tay Ninh in Vietnam with a capacity to process 100 Metric Tons of raw cashews every day. The plan is to increase the capacity to 200 Metric Tons per day in a phased manner.

The company has commissioned a facility in Techiman in western Ghana.



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